“And it came to me then. That we were wonderful traveling companions but in the end no more than lonely lumps of metal in their own separate orbits. From far off they look like beautiful shooting stars, but in reality they’re nothing more than prisons, where each of us is locked up alone, going nowhere. When the orbits of these two satellites of ours happened to cross paths, we could be together. Maybe even open our hearts to each other. But that was only for the briefest moment. In the next instant we’d be in absolute solitude. until we burned up and became nothing” – Murakami Haruki in Sputnik Sweetheart.

Sputnik Sweetheart is not the first Murakami novels I’ve read, nor it’s my favourite one. But the characters are loveable and there are many passages which are achingly beautiful.

For people who just start reading Murakami, I recommend this one as it’s an easy read and not as thick as other Murakami famous works.



“I’m aware that couples tend to embellish ‘how we met’ folklore with all kinds of detail and significance. We shape and sentimentalise these first encounters into creation myths to reassure ourselves and our offspring that it was somehow ‘meant to be’.” Us by David Nicholls

I’ve been reading “Us” for the last few days. I didn’t really know what it’s about. I thought it was about a young couple facing something in their relationship or perhaps about two friends who like each other but things always get in their way like in “One Day”. It turns out about a middle age couple in a shrinking marriage. It’s not the kind of romance most youngsters like me seek of, but well so far I enjoy it. It’s slow pace and sometimes I can’t relate with Douglas (I haven’t married yet after all, how I am supposed to know about the little knick knacks of it), but it’s sweet in its own way and somehow makes me think about the details of married life.

I haven’t finished the book and it’s so unlikely to be finished soon as my reading pace is slow. I don’t know wether it’ll be sad or happy ending, nor I even know what it actually is about (rekindle the love and passion? try to accept the changes? or is it only just a phase?) No matter what, I hope it’ll be more enjoyable and captivating!