To be Read

Here is the list of my unread books. It means I bought those books but still have not read it yet due to some reasons. I promise myself to keep a read-to-buy ratio which means I can only buy a book after I read at least two books from my unread piles. It failed though. But I will try hard to read all of them. I have calculated that with my current reading pace (in average, I read 40 books in a year), I need at least three years to read all of them. But, whatever.

9 dari Nadira – Leila S. Chudori
ふわふわ ー 村上春樹

After the Banquet – Yukio Mishima Read on December 16, 2014
Age of Bronze – Shanower
Airhead – Meg Cabot
Aleph – Paulo Coelho
Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin – Sindhunata
Anthology of Japanese Literature – Donald Keene
Arok Dedes – Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Arthur & George – Julian Barnes
A Touch of Crimson – Slyvia Day
A World without Islam – Graham E. Fuller

Bleak House – Charles Dickens
Both Flesh and Not – David Foster Wallace
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote
Broken Paradise – Samartin Cecilia
Bring up the Bodies – Hilary Mantel
Burung-Burung Manyar – Y.B. Mangunwijaya

Cewek Matre – Alberthiene Endah
Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage – Haruki Murakami Read on August 15, 2014
Cloud Atlas – David Mitchel
Coin Locker Babies – Ryu Murakami
Confession of Love – Uno Chiyo
Conspirata – Robert Harris

Dari Ave Maria ke Jalan Lain ke Roma – Idrus
Dear Life – Alice Munro
Don’t Blink – James Patterson
Dua Belas Pasang Mata – Sakae Tsuboi Read in June 30, 2014
Dubliners & A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man – James Joyce
Dubliners (Penguin Edition) – James Joyce

Eating Animals – Jonathan Safran Foer
Edgar & Ellen; Nod’s Limbs – Charles Odgen

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury Read on August 24, 2014
Fathers and Sons – Ivan Turgenev
For One More Day – Mitch Albom
Freakonomics – Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

Gema Sebuah Hati – Marga T

Harimau!Harimau! – Mochtar Lubis
Hollow City – Ransom Riggs
Holy War – Karen Armstrong
Home – Toni Morrison
How to Twist a Dragon’s Curse – Cressida Cowell

Interworld – Neil Gaiman & Michael Reeves
I, Claudius – Robert Graves

Jalan tak Ada Ujung – Mochtar Lubis
Jepun Negerinya Hiroko – NH Dini
Karlsson Si Manusia Atap – Astrid Lindgren
Keajaiban di Pasar Senen – Misbach Yusa Biron

Komplotan Bawah Tanah – Enid Blyton

Lapar – Knut Hansum
Let the Great World Spin – Collum McCann
Liesl & Po – Lauren Oliver
Life Traveler – Windy Ariestanty
Life, The Universe and Everything – Douglas Adams
Lone Wolf – Jodi Picoult
Lord of the Flies – William Golding
Love in the Time of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Mademoiselle Fifi – Guy de Maupassant
Making the Future – Noam Chomsky
Maryam – Okky Madasari
Membunuh Itu Gampang – Agatha Christie
Middlemarch – George Elliot
Midnight Children – Salman Rushdie
Misteri Bisikan Mumi – Robert Arthur
Misteri Kuda Tanpa Kepala – Robert Arthur
Misteri Kurcaci Gaib – Robert Arthur
Misteri Labah-labah Perak – Robert Arthur
Misteri Mata Berapi – Robert Arthur
Misteri Nuri Gagap – Robert Arthur
Misteri Pulau Tengkorak – Robert Arthur
Misteri Puri Setan – Robert Arthur
Misteri Rumah yang Mengkerut – Robert Arthur
Mostly Harmless – Douglas Adams
My Uncle Oswald – Roald Dahl

Nemesis – Jo Nesbo
New Local Heroes – Kompilasi

One Amazing Thing – Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni
On the Road – Jack Kerouac

Palace of Illusions – Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni
Panggil Aku Kartini Saja – Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Pembunuhan Terpendam – Agatha Christie
Penderitaan Pemuda Werther – Goethe
Pengakuan – Anton Chekov Read on July 3, 2014
Pengemis Buta Bermuka Rusak – Robert Arthur
Pompeii – Robert Harris
Pria Bersetelan Cokelat – Agatha Christie
Professor Branestawm Stories – Norman Hunter
Pulang – Leila S. Chudori

Queen of Dreams – Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni

Robohnya Surau Kami – AA Navis
Ronggeng Dukuh Paruk – Ahmad Tohari

Sang Fotografer – Didier LeFevre
Sejarah Dunia dalam 10 1/2 Bab – Julian Barnes
Sejarah Singkat Waktu – Stephen Hawking
Siddharta – Herman Hesse Read on July 29, 2014
Silence – Shusaku Endo
Some Prefer Nettles – Junichiro Tanizaki
Somersault – Kenzaburo Oe
Songs of Love and Death – Edited by George R.R. Martin
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish – Douglas Adams
Stardust – Neil Gaiman Read on December 18, 2014
State of Wonder – Ann Pratchett
Such Such were the Joys – George Orwell

Taliban; Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia – Ahmed Rashid
Tales of Mystery and Immagination – Edgar Allan Poe
Tempurung – Oka Rusmini
The Bone People – Keri Hulme
The Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling
The Cat’s Table – Michael Odantje
The Colour of Magic – Terry Pratchett
The Dark Road – Ma Jian
The Fear Index – Robert Harris
The Folded Earth – Anuradha Roy
The Future of the Power – Joseph S. Nye
The Gates – John Connolly
The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – Stieg Larsson
The Girl who Played with the Fire – Stieg Larsson
The Golden Country – Shusaku Endo
The Guest Cat – Takashi Hiraide Read on September 28, 2014
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams Read on July 30, 2014
The Last Emperor – Henry Pu Yi
The Leopard – Jo Nesbo
The Miner – Natsume Soseki
The Past and the Future of Pakistan – M. J. Akbar
The Phantom of the Opera – Gaston Leroux
The Plague – Albert Camus
The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid Read on July 27, 2014
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – Douglas Adams Read on September 27, 2014
The Remains of the Day – Kazuo Ishiguro Read on September 29, 2014
The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Sicilian – Mario Puzo
The Silmarillion – JRR Tolkien
The Streaming Staircase – Jonathan Stroud
The Story Teller – Jodi Picoult
The Time of My Life – Cecilia Ahern
The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame
The Wind through the Keyhole – Stephen King
The Witch of Portobello – Paulo Coelho
The Witch’s Guide to Cooking with Children – Keith McGowan
Therese Raquin – Emile Zola
This is How You Lose Her – Junot Diaz
Titik Nol – Agustinus Wibowo

Unholy Night – Seth Grahame-Smith Read on October 7, 2014


Waiting – Ha Jin
War – Sebastian Junger
War Trash – Ha Jin
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen
Ways to Live Forever – Sally Nichols
When We Were Orphans – Kazuo Ishiguro
Winter in Tokyo – Ilana Tan
Wizards: Kumpulan Kisah Magis dari Pakar-Pakar Fantasi Modern – Edited by Neil Gaiman
Wolf Hall – Hilary Mantel
World War Z – Max Brook




As of June 18, 2014, books on this unread-list are 130, two of them are in my currenty-reading shelf.

As of June 20, 2014: 134 books.

As of June 30, 2014: 133 books. One book was read.

As of November 9, 2014: 134 books;  10 books were read during July-October, and 8 new books were added.

As of November 16, 2014; 136 books. Two new books were added.

As of December 30, 2014; 140 books.

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